In many ways we find ourselves to be different and unique. We believe in the magic of creativity, ideas and ambition. True to our name, we are rare to find. We are inspired by the unlimited possibilities of the digital world.

We are constantly looking for ways to deliver smart and agile marketing solutions to our client.


To design meaningful & unique marketing solutions by integrating innovative technologies.


To always remain a Unicorn in the field of digital marketing, customer experience and innovation.

Our Approach

Only after understanding your customers , marketing experiences can be designed. CX Unicorn decodes & weaves human experiences, by fusing together data, imagination and storytelling. The result is an inter-connected integrated experience that is weaved in and out of the lives of our consumers.

Ultimately delivering an “integrated marketing experience”.

Our Philosophy

We believe that only through creativity and authenticity brands can create differentiated customer experiences.

In this age of digital transformation, brands need to be creative and authentic while connecting with their customers. We go one step further and embed purpose in all our creative ideas to make marketing meaningful and measurable.