Adoption & Change Management

The future of workplace is defined by agility, adaptability and collaboration. From on-premise business set up to remote work environments, organization's capabilities are expanding every day to adapt to the new normal. Silos are vanishing, Microsoft Teams is the new modern workplace and Microsoft 365 is the new enterprise mobility engine powered with best-in-class productivity and collaboration tools analyses new growth opportunities within the organization.  

To realize your desired business outcomes and return on investment in this new digital infrastructure, it’s critical for users to not only adopt new services, but also to embrace those services and use them as part of their natural operating rhythm. 

Transitioning an organization with application modernization initiatives can be challenging, hence we follow the Unicorn method of adoption and change management which is designed across the following 7 dimensions: 

  • Unified approach : Aligning stakeholders & communication channels towards the adoption program  
  • Navigate change : Designing a strategic and tactical plan to navigate change management for the respective organization  
  • Information flow : Defining the information flow across the various user groups & sequencing the adoption strategy  
  • Communications : Detailed communication strategy and how we engage throughout the adoption and change management cycle. 
  • Orchestration : Rolling out the communication as per the plan to orchestrate and drive change within the organization. 
  • Review : Assess performance at each stage and report learnings for future enhancements of the application or identify communication opportunities that we may have missed. 
  • Nurture : Develop engagement that leads to sustained platform and channel usage over a period and evolves as the platform matures and becomes an integral part of the modern workplace.