Brand and Strategy Positioning  

Thousands of new products and services are being released into the market every day. As the market becomes crowded with similar products and services, a company’s brand becomes the most important asset enabling it to differentiate itself and increase customer demand. For companies that are geared towards regional or global branding, developing a brand strategy, which is differentiated and in line with customer expectations and built upon the company’s strengths, is becoming more important

Having a differentiated brand strategy is not enough to maintain long-term sustainability. To make a brand stronger than ever and to maintain sustainable brand values, companies need to build up a well-defined brand management structure as well. 

Our Services:
  • Examining corporate strategy, including the strengths and weaknesses of a company, evaluating present brand portfolio and strategy, and conducting brand assessments including trends in the market, customer strategy and rival brand strategy analysis. 
  • Improving global brand strategies and positioning 
  • Building brand portfolio strategy and developing brand architecture 
  • Designing brand management processes and brand management organization structure with clearly defined roles and responsibilities 
  • Defining brand KPIs and developing an integrated brand performance measurement system for monitoring and evaluating brand value 
  • Developing brand identity program and providing the necessary training for synchronizing the organization and all business units with the brand’s ethos