Interactive Marketing Solutions 

Location-based marketing matters more than ever 

In an online world, every piece of data we generate is a part of who we are. It describes us, our age and gender, our habits, and preferences, where we work and live, who we know and who we know well. Location data, more than any other, tells our unique story. Every meaningful interaction, every night’s sleep, every vacation, every purchase, every journey, every waking hour happens at a specific place. Where we are is who we are.  

Knowing what consumers like and dislike is hugely valuable to any technology marketer, of course. Knowing where consumers are and what they are doing at any point in time takes that value to another level. But understandably, it is information that consumers are only happy to provide in exchange for real benefits. And they will not want to provide it at all unless they trust the organization that they are dealing with.  

Our suite of digital geo-marketing services enables brands deliver valuable smartphone-enabled experiences rely on a user’s location data.