Microsoft Hololens

As companies across the world begin employing immersive technologies to drive efficiencies, Mixed Reality is poised to change the way businesses operate. Mixed Reality blends the digital and physical world by overlaying 3D digital objects onto the user’s physical world, offering a way for users to interact organically using head-mounted devices (HMDs). Located at the center of the virtuality continuum, the capabilities of Mixed Reality render it uniquely positioned to transform the workplace as we know it. 

We provide enterprise software solutions for rich 3D visualization and multi-user collaborative experiences.  Web meeting and collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Azure Communication Services can now be brought to life with 3D content providing a new dimension to virtual hearings, telemedicine, design reviews, marketing demonstrations, new project pursuit and QA inspections across industries. 

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Immersive learning   

Immersive learning is a highly effective way for organizations to deliver formal training while reducing costs using Microsoft HoloLens technology. 

Augmented Reality (AR) connected worker 

AR provides the connected worker dynamic access to data and digital systems enabling them to be more efficient, accurate and safer. 

Extended reality for reimagined consumer journey     

When embedded into an omni-channel consumer experience, companies can meet customer demands at speed and at scale.