Native Content Creation

Native content drives trust and affinity 

Social media and the Internet have made consumers more connected than ever before, enabling an unprecedented and highly efficient flow of information among individuals. Think of it as an online—and highly amplified—word of mouth. As just one example, the average number of contacts a person has on Facebook is 229 (close friends, family members, co-workers and casual acquaintances) with whom she can interact, whether by sharing updates, posting pictures, or exchanging opinions about products and brands. 

These contacts comprise the individual’s trusted network—and she exerts some degree of influence over these people as she makes her daily posts, or indicates her likes and dislikes, even though she is not a well-known celebrity or highly-influential individual. In fact, the mere point that she is ‘just like the rest of us’ is what makes her trustworthy to her network. 

Here’s how we deliver native digital content:

  • Create mobile-friendly content
  • Ensure fast download time of website content 
  • Don’t “post and run” — respond quickly to stories, DMs, tags, mentions, comments on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogs, Snapchat & TikTok
  • Eliminate cumbersome steps, processes, or requirements on your site that create user friction 
  • Keep content brief and to the point by using infographics, videos, animations to capture short attention spans