Paid Media

Driving targeted traffic across all digital platforms to enhance conversion 

To accelerate your prospects’ digital journeys to becoming customers—with the goal of driving online sales for your business—our paid media digital marketing service helps you maximize online revenue through fully integrated digital marketing strategies and solutions that: 

  • Provide the right data and reporting to support spend 
  • Optimizes digital performance through analysis and ongoing campaign enhancements across the digital spectrum – including paid search, website search engine optimization (SEO), display and video ads, social media advertising and email marketing, and deployment 
  • Help you understand why online customers became customers and find your best prospects online to turn them into leads and customers, with full Google Analytics set-up, consulting and optimization services designed to find your best prospects online 

With a deep understanding of digital platforms including Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube combined with in-depth knowledge of how to maximize conversions through analytics, online acquisition is your unrivalled digital execution partner. 

We offer following paid media strategies: 

  • Digital data mapping across offline and online data 
  • Execution of cross-platform campaigns 
  • Optimized digital performance, website usability, content, architecture and amplified conversion strategies 
  • Intelligent automation to enable rapid adoption of campaigns
  • Responsive marketing database solutions with the ability to creatively and technically adapt to change
  • Agile analytics