RISE – Remote Instant Sales Enabler

Sales solution for a modern workplace

RISE (Remote Instant Sales Enabler) is an application designed to enable remote sales in work-from-home scenarios using the Microsoft Teams platform.​ The app can be accessed via the Teams on mobile, tablets and desktop. Designed using a touch UX approach, like the chatbots that perform chat-based functions, RISE is intuitive, user-friendly and engaging app for Relationship Managers, Customer Sales Agents.

Challenges that RISE addresses:
  • Traditional sales channels are not designed for remote sales
  • Access to forms, marketing collateral is only limited to Intranet portals
  • Remote sales professionals require a much richer and more intelligent experience for the seller which traditional channels do not provide
  • Comprehensive workplace analytics cannot be accessed on a real-time basis and are not system generated
  • Digital signatures, application forms and meetings happen in silos and are not available on a common enterprise platform
Why is RISE the ideal solution:
  • Integrated modern workplace analytics on Teams
  • Seamless customer engagement through ACS & Teams Interops
  • SMS & WhatsApp integration to drive engaging customer experience
  • Compliance & quality assurance recording of sales calls (video calls) and conversations (chats)
  • Integration with cloud or on-prem CRM to record leads and check customer eligibility for new products and offers on-the-go on Microsoft Teams
  • Access workplace and sales insights on a real-time basis​
  • Document co-authoring for closing sales deals remotely
  • On-prem or cloud storage on enterprise infrastructure
  • Personalised email communication during the remote sales process
  • Customisable forms and surveys to track and monitor customer experiences ​
RISE enables:
  • Digitization of the organization as a modern workplace​
  • Simplifies sales processes - schedule meetings, record leads, send forms, collects customer feedback and more​
  • Advanced Sales Activity Analytics​
  • Employee Activity Tracker​
  • Access Sales & Marketing collateral in one click​
  • CRM integration​
  • Reliable authentication and customer verification methods​ ​