Video Projection Mapping

Our video and projection mapping services involve utilizing all the various display technologies at our disposal from LED & LCD screens to 8k+ ultra-bright projection. Our creative content production capabilities enable us to deliver highly customized displays on complex projection surfaces.  Projection mapping utilizes video projectors to "map" a video image projected onto an object, structure, or even mist or water. The sky is the limit for the possibilities of what surfaces, objects and even water that we can map, ranging from inflatable structures of any possible structures or designs of any shape and size! 

Sophisticated displays in partnership with Joseph Digital Solutions 

Video mapping can also be in the form of LED or LCD panels or flat screens in partnership with Joseph Digital Solutions. These are emissive displays and so they emit the light from within as opposed to projection where the surface is reflecting the projected light. Because of this there are some applications where these types of displays are much more applicable and efficient such as concerts and stage show where there is a lot of other light being used. This can “wash out” the video projection making the image look dim even with the brightest projectors. LED technology has gotten to be ultra-bright and ultra-high resolution so that these displays create an amazing image.   

Interactive Projection Mapping  

These fully projection mapped environments allow for the users to interact with the projected imagery using an advanced tracking system & motion sensors and all without the use of VR or AR goggles.  We can go so far as to personalize any environment to and customize it to any individual using our tracking system! This opens the door for all kinds of applications from full entertainment to mechanical engineering with visual design and science technologies.