WorkSpot Planner

Efficient Office Occupancy Management via Teams​​

Built with Microsoft PowerApps & Microsoft Teams, WorkSpot Planner helps organisations manage employee capacity in offices across different branches and it provides users with a single portal to help ensure they are equipped with recommendations from global health authorities, the latest information from government officials and experts, and company-specific content including relevant contacts, company news, and links to support channels. ​ ​ What’s more, you can easily share individual work statuses with your teams, and automatically send help requests to a dedicated channel in Teams.​

Challenges that WorkSpot addresses:
  • Absence of a solution that allows management of employees as per the updated work capacity %​
  • Inability to view real-time employee work location
  • Lack of suitable insights and capacity reports for enterprise ​ ​
Features for Employees:
  • Share work location ​
  • Request approval to visit office location​
  • Set-up out of office responses​
  • Share updates with colleagues ​ ​
Features for Managers:
  • Approve/Reject request via email​
  • View organisation wide analytics ​
  • Download and share reports ​
  • Modify approved occupancy ratio​ ​​
  • The WorkSpot Office Occupancy Management Solution enables:​ ​
  • Management of work capacity​
  • Easy updates on the capacity %​
  • Quick access to employee work location ​
  • Approval process for a team and the line manager ​
  • Office occupancy report dashboard​​